Phone Book Opt-In Campaign

In 2010, Zero Waste Seattle launched a phone book Opt-In campaign to give people a choice about phone book delivery.  In the end, the City of Seattle, under the leadership of councilmember Mike O'Brien passed an opt-out ordinance with strong enforcement capabilities. 

On May 5, the City's official opt-out page went live.  Here is the link to opt-out:

Why we preferred an Opt-In approach:

Opt-In. You choose which phone books you want and give permission for delivery. This means unwanted phone books will not be deposited on your property.  Opt-out programs - voluntary - run by the phone book companies have not worked.

Reduce Waste. Only the people who want paper phone books directories will have them delivered. With the current system of blanket delivery to all households, many people toss unwanted phone books directly into the recycling or garbage bin. 

Reduce Costs. The cost of disposing unwanted phone books is paid by the City, which means YOU. Recycling and garbage rates are based on how much waste is generated. Reduce waste, reduce costs.